Changes in Release 1.6

New Functionality

Release 1.6.2

Release 1.6.1

Internal changes:

Release 1.6.0

New commands:

New reports:

The reports you can create with the netlab report command include:

  • Node, interface and link addressing reports

  • Lab wiring summary

  • Device management IP addresses, usernames, and passwords

Explore netlab internals

The netlab show command can display:

  • Configuration modules and optional features supported by individual modules

  • Configuration modules and features supported by individual devices

  • Virtualization providers and their status

  • Output modules that can be used with the netlab create command

  • System reports you can use with netlab report command

External connectivity:

Other new features:

  • Improved FRR VXLAN data plane configuration

  • OSPF strict BFD support (RFC 9355)

  • Nokia SR OS OSPF P2MP support

  • Add mgmt._permanent option to make vagrant-libvirt management network persistent (fixes #855)

Documentation improvements:

  • Document Linux loopback interface usage

  • Document assignment of management IP addresses in libvirt and containerlab environments

  • Rewrite documentation for external provider and multi-provider topologies

Internal changes:

  • Use device features instead of module supported_on lists to specify modules supported by individual devices

  • Device settings inheritance should make it easier to add similar devices. It has been implemented for most device types, including a new Junos meta-device (the parent for vSRX, vMX and vPTX devices).

Breaking changes:

  • get_from_box function has been removed

Breaking changes

Release 1.6.1

netlab code stopped using netsim.common module. That module should no longer be used, but is still included in the package in case some plugins still use it. We’ll remove the module in 1.7/2.0 release.

Release 1.6.0

  • get_from_box function has been removed. The function might be used by early plugins which will break when ran with netlab release 1.6.0. Update your plugins to use Box get method which supports hierarchical names since version 7.0 (more details)

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes in Release 1.6.2

  • Fix EVPN VLAN attributes (#865)

  • Bump clab version to 0.44.3 (#864)

  • BGP reports should survive topologies with no BGP in them

  • ‘netlab show reports’ skips include files in reports directory

  • Migrate simple VRF integration tests to the new “links-in-vrfs” format

Bug Fixes in Release 1.6.1

  • Python package manifest ( did not include show-usage.txt (the help file for netlab show command)

  • Collect Cumulus Linux interface configuration with ifquery

  • ifquery has to be executed as root on Cumulus Linux

Bug Fixes in Release 1.6.0

  • Allow ‘mgmt’ attributes in node data

  • Change pinned containerlab version to the one supporting macvlan endpoints

  • Create system-wide virsh networks during ‘netlab up’

  • Fix a typo in a BGP attribute type

  • Update SRv6 module to use new dictionary-based attribute definition

Documentation Fixes

Documentation Fixes in Release 1.6.2

  • Rewrote confusing introduction to BGP configuration module platform feature support

  • Fix a ‘device image default’ example that contained invalid container name

Documentation Fixes in Release 1.6.1

  • Use consistent anchors in “netlab show” documentation

  • New Aruba download link