Changes in Release 0.5

Major changes in Release 0.5:

  • containerlab virtualization provider

  • More flexible virtualization provider framework (see below)

  • System topology defaults have been moved into the library subdirectory (to be read with importlib.resources functions)

Bug fixes:

  • Set OSPF subnet mask on unnumbered interfaces on Arista EOS

  • Replace underscores with dashes in Arista EOS hostnames

Flexible virtualization providers framework

  • Virtualization provider can be defined in a dynamically loaded Python module

  • Device- and addressing defaults can be specified within provider defaults (example: use different username on containerized Arista EOS than on Vagrant box)

  • Provider-specific node data is copied from provider default into node data structure

  • Virtualization provider can specify hostname to be used in Ansible inventory (needed by containerlab)

Internal changes

  • Renamed library directories – preparing to publish the solution as a Python package

  • Reorganized unit tests into subdirectories