Creating Physical or BGP Topology Graphs

netlab graph command creates a graph description in Graphviz or D2 format from the transformed lab topology data (usually stored in netlab.snapshot.yml) created by netlab create command. It’s replicating the functionality of netlab create -o graph:name command with a more convenient user interface.


You will have to install Graphviz or D2 and use them to create the actual graphs in PNG/JPEG/PDF format.


usage: netlab graph [-h] [--snapshot [SNAPSHOT]] [-t {topology,bgp}] [-e {graphviz,d2}] [output]

Create a graph description in Graphviz or D2 format

positional arguments:
  output                Optional: Output file name

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --snapshot [SNAPSHOT]
                        Transformed topology snapshot file
  -t {topology,bgp}, --type {topology,bgp}
                        Graph type
  -e {graphviz,d2}, --engine {graphviz,d2}
                        Graphing engine


  • netlab graph creates lab topology graph in Graphviz format

  • netlab graph -e d2 -t bgp creates a graph of BGP sessions in D2 format.