Test Virtual Lab Installation

netlab test libvirt- or VirtualBox-based virtual lab installation. It creates a simple virtual lab using Cumulus VX, starts the lab, deploys initial configurations, destroys the lab, and cleans up.


usage: netlab test [-h] [-w WORKDIR] [-v] {clab,virtualbox,grpc,libvirt}

Test virtual lab installation

positional arguments:
                        Run tests for the specified provider/environment

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -w WORKDIR, --work-directory WORKDIR
                        Working directory (default: test)
  -v, --verbose         Verbose logging

Testing Procedure

netlab test command:

  • Checks whether the selected virtualization provider and Vagrant are installed;

  • Creates a working directory and copies sample lab topology containing three routers and a few links into that directory;

  • Executes netlab up to create configuration files, start the lab, and configure network devices.

  • Destroys the lab with netlab down

  • Cleans up the working directory

Notes on Containerlab Tests

  • containerlab tests start Cumulus VX containers in Docker mode (container, not a micro-VM) and thus test the containerlab but not firecracker or KVM functionality.

  • See Platform Support for more details on Cumulus VX running under containerlab.