Creating a Report

The netlab report command creates a report from the transformed lab topology data (usually stored in netlab.snapshot.yml) created by the netlab create command. It replicates the functionality of the netlab create -o report:name command with a more convenient user interface.


usage: netlab report [-h] [--snapshot [SNAPSHOT]] [--node NODE] report [output]

Create a report from the transformed lab topology data

positional arguments:
  report                Name of the report you want to create
  output                Output file name (default: stdout)

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --snapshot [SNAPSHOT]
                        Transformed topology snapshot file
  --node NODE           Limit the report to selected node(s)


The netlab show reports command displays up-to-date list of available system reports


  • netlab report addressing creates lab addressing report in text format on standard output (printed to the screen)

  • netlab report addressing.html x.html creates an HTML addressing report (addressing.html) and stores it into x.html.

  • netlab report addressing --node r1,r2 creates addressing report for R1 and R2.