Output Formats

netlab create command can call one or more output modules to create files that can be used with Vagrant, Ansible, containerlab, graphviz or graphite topology. The output modules are specified with one or more -o parameters. When no -o parameter is specific, netlab create calls provider and ansible output modules.

Each -o parameter specifies an output module, formatting modifiers, and output filename in the module:modifiers=file(s) format:

  • module is the desired output module. It can be one of provider, ansible, graph, yaml, json or format.

  • Some output modules use optional formatting modifiers – you can specify Ansible inventory format, graph type, or parts of the transformed data structure that you want to see in YAML or JSON format

  • All output formats support optional destination file name. Default file name is either hard-coded in the module or specified in defaults.outputs part of lab topology.

The following output modules are included in netlab distribution; you can create your own by adding modules to netsim/outputs directory. Use netlab show outputs to display the up-to-date list of the output modules.