Changes in Release 0.7

New Configuration Modules

Changes to Existing Configuration Modules

  • BGP IPv6 address family is now configured as part of BGP configuration process. There are no additional configuration parameters; IPv6 AF is configured when an IBGP neighbor has an IPv6 address on a loopback interface or when an EBGP neighbor has an IPv6 address on a directly-connected link. More details

  • BGP community propagation is controlled with parameter.

  • bgp.advertise_loopback parameter controls BGP advertisement of loopback prefix (implemented on all platforms). More details

  • bgp.originate parameter generates additional BGP prefixes supported by static route to null interface (IOS only at the moment). More details

  • ospf.reference_bandwidth sets OSPF auto-cost reference bandwidth in Mbps for the whole network or for an individual node (and handles unit conversion for Junos and NXOS). More details

  • IS-IS P2P mode is now used on all P2P links (not just unnumbered interfaces). There are no configuration parameters associated with this feature.

Changes to netsim-tools utilities

  • initial-config.ansible playbook (netlab initial since release 0.8) takes modlist external variable which can be used to narrow down the list of configuration modules configured on network devices.

Other Changes

  • Static typing of Python code

  • mypy tests