Validate Lab Network

netlab validate executes tests defined in the validate lab topology attribute on a running lab. It can be used in training labs to check whether the user has successfully completed the lab assignment.


$ netlab validate -h
usage: netlab inspect [-h] [-v] [--snapshot [SNAPSHOT]] [--list] [--node NODES] [tests ...]

Inspect data structures in transformed lab topology

positional arguments:
  tests                 Validation test(s) to execute (default: all)

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         Verbose logging (add multiple flags for increased verbosity)
  --snapshot [SNAPSHOT]
                        Transformed topology snapshot file
  --list                List validation tests
  --node NODES          Execute validation tests only on selected node(s)
  --skip-wait           Skip the waiting period
  -e, --error-only      Display only validation errors (on stderr)


netlab validate command was executed on the Advertise IPv4 Prefixes to BGP Neighbors lab before the user configured BGP prefix origination:

netlab validate sample run


  • Use ‌netlab validate –error-only to shorten the printout and display only the validation errors.