Building a Cisco Catalyst 8000v Vagrant Libvirt Box

Cisco Catalyst 8000v is supported by the netlab libvirt package command. To build a cat8000v box:

  • Create an empty directory on a Ubuntu machine with libvirt and Vagrant.

  • Download a Catalyst 8000v disk image (.qcow2 file) with serial in the file name (example: c8000v-universalk9_8G_serial.17.13.01a.qcow2) into that directory

  • Execute netlab libvirt package cat8000v virtual-disk-file-name and follow the instructions

Initial Device Configuration

The initial configuration is automatically applied to the device during the box-building process. However, you might want to verify it before proceeding:

Checking initial configuration of Cisco Catalyst 8000v

The initial configuration is applied from a CDROM file. All you have to do is a
sanity check:

* Wait for the boot process to end
* Log in with user 'vagrant', password 'vagrant'
* Examine the startup configuration and check that it contains the MGMT VRF
* Disconnect from console (ctrl-] usually works).