Building a Cisco ASAv Vagrant Libvirt Box

Cisco ASAv is supported by the netlab libvirt package command. To build a ASAv box:

  • Create an empty directory on a Ubuntu machine with libvirt and Vagrant.

  • Copy the ASAv disk image (.qcow2 file) into that directory

  • Execute netlab libvirt package asav virtual-disk-file-name and follow the instructions


If you’re using a ‌netlab release older than 1.8.2, or if you’re using a Linux distribution other than Ubuntu, please read the box-building caveats first.

Preparing the Box Configuration

Initial device configuration is copied from an ISO image created by the installation process. You’ll have to set an enable password and save the config. netlab libvirt config asav command desplays the build recipe (based on the recipe published by Brad Searle):

Creating initial configuration for Cisco ASAv

Initial configuration for the ASAv device is prepared in bootstrap ISO image.

You must only set the enable password:
* type 'enable'
* Set enable password to 'vagrant1'
* 'write memory'
* 'copy running-config startup-config'
* Disconnect from console (ctrl-] usually works).